Our Approach

Kaleidoscope Consulting Services’ approach to transformation is unique.  We understand that lasting culture change only happens when people’s behaviours change at all levels of an organisation and when the environment changes to accommodate those new behaviours.

There are essentially four different strategies for managing organisational change:

  1. Power-Coercive: Change is forced upon people from the top-down.
  2. Empirical-Rational: The need for change is driven by reasoned argument and essentially ‘sold’ to people (usually in a presentation).
  3. Normative-Re-educative: People are encouraged to actively learn for themselves why the status quo is not viable and then ‘relearn’ through new methods and behaviours.
  4. Environmental-Adaptive: The environment within which people work is transformed.  People then naturally adapt to the new ways of working which becomes “the way we do things around here”.

The likelihood for successful outcomes and the sustainability of each strategy is greater as you work down the list.  While each strategy sometimes has its place, Kaleidoscope has developed an approach to organisational development that creates the conditions for strategies three and four to dominate. 

We believe that what we offer is truly transformational.

We work directly with people at all levels of the organisation to encourage ownership for their work and to facilitate improvements which embed lasting change.  From day one we will look at how to make sustainable improvements in your organisation, both in the work that is done and in the organisational design (the environment).  We work closely with leaders and teams to facilitate and assist them to own the change, coaching them in the skills needed to analyse and improve their own working practices without the need for future external support.

Results have proven that this style is like a breath of fresh air to management and employees who have previously experienced consultants trying to force change upon them.  Our approach is inclusive and rewarding for everyone involved, rather than endless staff engagement sessions or a project report full of recommendations which may or may not be implemented.

After working with Kaleidoscope you will see a system of continuous improvement embedded in your organisation by knowledgeable and skilled employees, flexible to cope with the ever changing landscape of the modern world.

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