Why Kaleidoscope?

We have proven methods

Put quite simply, our methods work.  We have consistently helped clients reshape their organisations and transform their approach to leadership while dramatically improving services and creating cost reductions.  Instead of taking a “salami slice” approach to cost-cutting our clients are able to design resilient organisations based around serving customer needs effectively and efficiently.

Employees are engaged

Our dedicated consultants work hands-on with your people to encourage action and ownership from employees at all levels.  Our improvement methods are customer-centric and focus on performing value work rather than waste.  This makes absolute sense to those who have to carry out that work.  Our methods also create increased autonomy and allow people more control of their working environment.  All of these things mean that employees are more engaged in their work and morale increases. 

Create leaders not followers

Our approach to leadership development allows leaders to improve the value in their world too.  Instead of spending lots of time organising others, or checking work, or sat in meetings, or making decisions that others could make we help leaders to free themselves to lead.  They are then able to focus on more valuable areas such as organisational development, strategy, coaching and mentoring, and continuous improvement.

Culture change happens in a natural way

Kaleidoscope maintain that organisational culture is not something that can be viewed in isolation.  Systems thinking shows us that company culture is not a standalone entity that can be separately manipulated or altered.  Culture is a by-product, which is symptomatic of all the actions, decision-making and behaviours throughout an organisation.  We focus therefore on how and why people act the way they do rather than on the people individually.  With our methods culture change happens naturally by changing the system and environment in which people work. 

We create self-sufficiency not dependency

One of the many areas in which Kaleidoscope excels is in the transference of knowledge and skills to the client organisation.  Unlike many other consultancy firms who actively pursue a policy of “land and expand” we strive for client self-sufficiency.  We aim to leave clients in a better position than where we found them and with the methods, skills and techniques to confidently tackle future problems alone, or with minimal consultant support.  Our mantra is “Design ourselves out”.   

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